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The next adventure: South America!

I only write in this blog when I’m traveling and that’s just what I’m about to do. I leave on Saturday for 1 month in South America. I’ll be spending time in Argentina and Chilean Patagonia. I might swing by Uruguay and I might visit the Igazu Falls, in which case, I’ll cross the Brazilian border.

I will post updates occasionally and will post on Facebook when the blog has been updated.
I’ll also be meeting up with 2 friends – Niki, who I spent a LOT of time with in SE Asia two years ago and a new friend, Mary Kay, from Denver. I’ll be alone for the first 2 weeks, then with Niki for 1 week and then with Niki and Mary Kay for the last week.
I’ll miss my Denver friends, my dog Wilco, and am sad to be spending my first Christmas away from my family. So, while I journey on, Merry Christmas to all!